c. huilo c.


Born in rural Ohio, a late baby bloomer, somewhat solitary, heshe has been continuously curious about the thin veil of reality and truth taught by mainstream society.  Raised by parental educators whom encouraged philosophy and creativity, c. huilo c. grew up with a vibrant imagination.  Furthered by a vast education in fine art, advertising, writing, shamanism and metaphysics, the author delights in encouraging heshe’s audience to question reality.  From sculpture to painting, to dance or gardening, the author finds that the consumer identified artist role does not fit.   Instead, c. huilo c. identifies more with the conscientiousness of a modern day magician, wizard, or even medicine man.  Heshe enjoys doctoring the audience through enchanting arts.  These are directed at ‘numbed-down’ or programmed senses in order to reawaken sensitivity to subtle worlds and to reflect on enhanced capabilities of the mind.  Heshe is devoted to encouraging everyone to drop the mask of the ego and dive into the vastness of consciousness waiting beyond the limits of fear and doubt.   The author is a self-proclaimed, Venusian from the sixth dimension at this point on Earth to remind others of beauty and pleasure and mostly for a bite of delicious chocolate cake!