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Tales of a Jaguar Magician

    Jaguar Moon Press is pleased to announce the inauguration of the first three tomes of a five part series, Tales of a Jaguar Magician. In this breathtaking and enchanting fully illustrated collection, c. huilo c. invokes an extraordinary task: to reinvent and inspire mythology about queer identified, multidimensional beings and the subsequent unification of gender traits through a mystical symbolic wedding of duality consciousness.  What follows is a phantasmagoric quest to liberate and invigorate a dormant, uninspired magical populace.  The mission engages profound trials and tribulations, which enable the central character, Lolaboy, to realize talents and artistry needed to restore wonder and curiosity into the waning minds for inhabitants on the Planet of Great Consciousness.  Dive into the magic of Flight of the Jaguar Magician, Tome 1: The Initiation, Marriage of the Moon & Jaguar, Tome 2: The Mirrors and Tome 3: The Lattice!