Tales of a Jaguar Magician


Follow Lolaboy from initiation to the adventurer’s quest and dive into the magical realms such as the Carnival of Souls and Circo de Duendes (elves).  Traverse through mystical gates and portals and become aligned with the magic of the jaguar magicians.  Join butterfly genies, mystical plant beings, tour crystalline villages  and more!  Written in lyrical bardic prose, these books invoke an enchanting ride through the world of visionary consciousness and dreamscapes, enable one to gather deep metaphysics while having a delightful time.

Flight of the Jaguar Magician, Tome 1: The Initiation,  The Creators summoned by the Winds of Change, conjure a jaguar magician, Lolaboy to aid other magicians on the Planet of Great Consciousness.  During the initiatory rites, Lola receives gifts from the elementals, Fuego, Aire, Tierra and Agua.  Afterwards, the innocent magician wanders through la selva and encounters various guardians, including Metamor the Butterfly Genie, Phoenix, Flora de Vida, and others.  Each gives the young heshe inspiration and wisdom.   The initiation is like any other, and filled with trials and temptations like the Urn of Desire and House of Many Selves where Lolaboy must learn valuable tools in mastering free will.

In the first of the sequels, Marriage of the Moon & Jaguar, The Mirrors, Lolaboy is intercepted by the masters in order to instill the young magician with more skills in the healing arts.  Lolaboy is launched on an adventurer’s quest and encounters several mirrors and gates.  Each presents the heshe with tricks of the mind to master or a depth of wisdom to obtain in order to prepare Lolaboy for the return journey to the Planet of Great Consciousness.   Lolaboy enters the Circo de Duendes and roams through various gates in the Carnival of Souls.   The heshe meets the Keeper of the Masques and the Misstress of Mistiries that guide Lola deeper into the adventurer’s quest.   Valuable metaphysical lessons transform the magician and prepare the heshe for even more trials in the 3rd sequel, The Lattice.

Throughout the Marriage of the Moon & Jaguar, Lolaboy gains momentum and skill in the tricks of the mind.  Heshe begins to practice magic alongside mentors and gathers courage to return to the realm of Gaia.  A rainbow of characters nudge or spark Lolaboy throughout the Carnival of Souls,  Thelema, The Madame of Consequences, DreamWeaver, and several more!

Illustrated with enchanting original artworks,  these art books are sure to delight!