our mission


    Founded by elves in a forest, this independent press promises to bring forth books that breakthrough time and space.   We bring forth magical books that invoke old bard like voices, tomes that are elaborately illustrated, and manuscripts that encourage readers to activate their mission in life.  We invite the reader to step beyond the limits of consciousness and into the phantasmagoric worlds of circus,carnival and shamanism.

    New books on their way include short story collections, and eco thriller and a book on art and healing.  Jaguar Moon Press is devoted to opening minds and helping people come to terms with healing their hearts and minds in order to quickly guide the earth on a path of harmony.

    In order to bring about books efficiently, quickly and eloquently Jaguar Moon Press is a print-on-demand service.  In this way, trees are only used for books requested rather than over print and have back stock.

    We encourage independent booksellers to support independent authors and will do our best to promote our books avidly with attention to alternative and indie media.